Our Journey to Memphis

Sep 11, 2015

Exciting developments for our film America Lost

After more than a year of filming in Stockton and Youngstown, we’ve begun shooting in our third and final city: Memphis, Tennessee.

We discovered Memphis on a long research trip earlier this year, when we traveled from New Orleans all the way through the Mississippi Delta, then up to Memphis. When we touched down, we knew we’d found our final location for the film.

Our next step was to find the right characters. Over the summer, we took five week-long trips to Memphis and met nearly 1,000 people. After this exhaustive search, we settled on three stories that embody the hope and heartbreak of the city:

  • Joe, a young father recently released from prison hoping reconcile with and support his family
  • Contrina, a single mother of two who dreams of having her children escape the inner city projects
  • Les, a veteran Memphis TV reporter who specializes in telling human stories about poverty

We’re excited to continue shooting in all three of our cities through the end of the year. Making a documentary is a long, painstaking process, but we’re confident we’ve found a story worth telling. Thanks for coming along with us on our journey.


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